Human Intelligence And Artificial Intelligence

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More than often, we encounter the idea of computers becoming smarter and surpassing the human brain; opinions like these are accepted by the general public and are perceived skeptical by scientists, psychologists, and philosophers alike. The concern is not between machine and brain, but whether human ingenuity is as exceptional as or better than nature itself. The human being, a natural part of the world, has evolved from lower organisms to much higher, complex creatures; eventually the evolutionary process occurred because we were able to interact with our environment and being shaped by it physically and mentally, as this interaction was at an all-time high, we came up with intelligence. Intelligence has fascinated man since the dawn of time, and lead man to create one of the greatest innovations that rivaled human intelligence: artificial intelligence. The competition between human intelligence and artificial intelligence ultimately leads to the battle of nature and science. Eventually these two forms of intelligence, human and artificial, must coincide and it must be understood how each would interact with one another and be utilized.
The latest technology incorporates some sort of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence exhibited by machines or software (). All types of machines and software contain some sort of artificial intelligence, even the simplest ones. AI is a system that perceives its surrounding environment and takes actions…
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