Human Interaction Is The Study Of Relations And Social Interchange Between Two Or More Individuals

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Human Interaction is the study of relations and social interchange between two or more individuals. How they interact with one in another, the process by which they act and react to individuals in their surroundings. Technology is rapidly changing the method in which people work, think, and behave, but there’s one thing that will always remain constant is who we are as people, human interaction, and how we represent ourselves. Society is swiftly changing communication, people are interacting less with people and more with social media.
Aside from technology, the human dimension will always succeed because we more understand when a person relates, delivers, interacts, and raises a point of view. When individuals begin to comprehend what
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We are living in the digital age!
Social Media has become a part of the digital world and has changed the world globally in the “online world” in which the way people live and interact with each other and businesses. Social Networks such as Facebook in particular facilitates social interaction and sharing and as a result, face-to-face interaction has been replaced with interaction on social media with both “Facebook and Twitter”. Social networks have allowed people to extend their existing networks in real life as well as digital. Thus Twitter is a place where emphasis is not just on sharing but also receiving updates and snippets from interesting people and organizations. Picture number 2 demonstrates how people connect with like-minded people that would on the contrary never come across each other in real life. In terms of job opportunities, networking is now being done online. LinkedIn a professional networking site has emphasized the importance of building up contacts in your field of work and beyond. New job opportunities and vacant positions are spread through the web rapidly than the old days “by word of mouth” and equally important by trailing the right people in your professional network to be the first to hear about important information. Social networks are about being and staying connected.
This is where the opportunity lies. When a
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