Human Interaction: Plugged or Unplugged Essay

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We live in a digital age. It is a part of most people’s daily lives. We use our electronics to wake us up, and then inform us of our daily schedule, news, e-mail, stock portfolios, and various other information throughout our day on various devices, including phone calls. For most of us, this is a daily routine, as the generations before who listened to the town crier or local gossip for their news, or we progressed to reading newspapers or books, to gathering around the radio for information, on to watching television, and finally the computer. We now live in a world that is hyper plugged-in, so much so, that we carry our chargers with us anywhere we go for fear that our electronics will run out of power. So are we better off plugged-in …show more content…
While Anna Akbari author of the essay “A Personal Guide to Digital Happiness” affirms, “One question I keep coming back to: How does technology affect our happiness? As Albert Einstein remarked, "Why does this magnificent applied science which saves work and makes life easier bring us so little happiness? The simple answer runs: Because we have not yet learned to make sensible use of it." (2) So how do we make sense of this technology and can it make us happier people? Akbari expounds, that she started this quest to find happiness in the digital age with online dating. One of her dates was with an anorexic emo guy with pink hair and full of angst. On their first date, he informed her that he was “kind of a depressive guy”, so she tried to empathized, stating that she had people close to her who have suffered as well and that she understood. “He then looked at me and stated firmly, with disdain, "No. You cannot understand. I've met people like you. You're one of those happy people." I've never forgotten that scathing accusation -- that I had the nerve to be happy. I'd never thought of people in those terms: "happy" or "not." Since that date I've grown increasingly obsessed with the concept of happiness, and judging from the abundance of literature being published on the topic, I'm not the only one: there are books to tell you how to be happier at work, how to
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