Human Interaction from a Psychology Perspective

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Human Interaction from a Psychology Perspective Do we act the same within social interactions as we do when we feel that no one else is looking? Do we conform to society’s standards of what is considered normal behavior? Does our behavior in social interactions depend on a variety of factors ranging from brain chemistry, individual belief’s, cultural influence? We are all influenced by a variety of factors in our social interactions with others. Does the interaction offer us some type of recognition or personal reward? What can we get out of the social gathering that we beneficial to us in the long run? Do we act what is considered normal in our social interactions with others or adopt maladaptive behavioral patterns that lead to…show more content…
There are various types of therapy and medications that has proven to be successful in treating PTSD. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is most effective in treating PTSD. Prolonged Exposure (PE) therapy, Cognitive Processing therapy, reprocessing and Eye movement desensitization therapy are also other means of therapy that is successful in treating PTSD. Types of drugs known as Selective Serotonin Reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) which is typically used for depression has been successful in treating PTSD. The prognosis for PTSD depends on severity and length of how long a person has suffered with the mental illness. A majority of those who seek treatment do respond to psychotherapy but residual symptoms may remain and go into remission for different lengths of time. It is important to seek treatment for PTSD as symptoms may become so debilitating that it will interfere with a person’s ability to lead a full and productive life References or Cited Sources: Web MD.(2009). Types of Mental Illness Retrieved from Retrieved on August 8, 2011. Department of Veteran Affairs. Understanding PTSD Treatment Retrieved from Retrieved on August 8, 2011. eMedicine Health. (Medical Author: Maria Pease, MD. Medical Editor: Melissa Conrad Stöppler, MD Bradley, R., J. Greene, et al. "A Multi Dimensional Meta-analysis of Psychotherapy for PTSD." AMJ
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