Human Interactions And The European Union

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Interests Interests consists of anyone who have some impact due to an issue. It can also include special interest, activity and advocacy group. All the interests mentioned in this section will cover the various issues mentioned in the above sections. Some of those interests are their customers, pension fund executives and managers, Oracle media representatives, employees, Oracle community (blog, users and user communities), United States Air Force, database administrators, database developers, vendors, Oracle technology writer/analyst/commenter specializing in enterprise software, etc. Also included are, other similar technology corporations watching Oracle`s next steps, the Attorney General, government officials, Department of Justice,…show more content…
Solicitor General, Judiciary (Court – Federal, State and District Court), news media, social media, client or vendor opinions and their sentiments. Also included are international institutions like the European Union (EU). (Kendall, and Ovide, 2015) Information Information refers to the related interests and concerned members of institutions is aware of an issue. It also includes the consequences each options available as an alternative. Issues are often contested (by lawsuits or social pressures), as interests have conflicting or different information. Information leads to progress or resolution of issues. Oracle had initial information about the violations, and was able to gather all additional information and provide relevant proofs. The proofs help to resolve or advance the lawsuits. Those could include listing the specific sections of the law violated, and log/trace files (technical information) proving illegal activities done via. Oracle`s website as in the case of illegal downloads. Information was also provided about the contract breach, steps taken for a hostile takeover and its justifications. The information is provided from various sources. Some of the other interests include activists, government institution, media, more information on the Rimini Street issue and infringement issues with Oregon. Issue – Rimini Street`s illegal conduct Any issue that threatens Oracle`s reputation should be taken seriously. Issues tarnish firm`s reputation. As people have
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