Human Intuition

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The human mind is an obscure, complex object to understand and interpret. The brain itself is fascinating and mysterious, and it holds many valuable features hidden and not realized by the conscious human mind. Many unexplainable phenomena have been associated in life and in literature through the mind's workings. Psychologists develop reasons why people do certain things that they do, but with every human being's perception being so unique and varied, there is still much left to explore of the human mind. Human intuition is one facet of the mind that is very interesting, yet not very understood. The supersensory ideas that human intuition provides are of the soul, world, and God. No matter how grand their suggestiveness, no matter…show more content…
"The host of flowers appears infinite, hence Wordsworth's impression of their uncountable profusion," clearly states in line 11, "Ten thousand saw I at a glance" (Brennan 141). It takes skills to create what "the eye" cannot "perceive the bounds of" things or when they are continued to any indefinite number"—as with the daffodils—Brennan perceives that "they seem to be infinite, and they produce the same effects as if they were really so" (141). In his short story "Araby," James Joyce brilliantly illustrates a young boy experiencing an epiphany through imagery, theme, and irony. Being the fact that this story might have resembled the author's own childhood experiences, he is able to portray his disillusionment of the world through a young boy living a practically sheltered life. Imagery plays key role in unlocking the path of an epiphanic moment for James Joyce in literature. In Joyce's story "Araby," a young boy lives in a square house near the "blind" end of his street. The meaning and significance of the word "blind" is revealed through the boy's character before he has his relevant realization of what is true of his beliefs and views. His skewed perception, which changes throughout the story, is made evidently clear at the very end of the story. The boy idolizes one of his playmates sisters, and develops strong feelings for her. When they are first introduced, it states that the boy and Mangan are standing in
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