Human Management Practices At Japan, China, And South Korea

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Every country has different management practices. They all have unique approaches that have been found to be the most adequate or efficient way in accomplishing specific objectives. We have heard the English terms culture, management terms, and business culture, which are commonly used business terms in America. Nonetheless, we don’t have much knowledge about international business terms. International business terms such as “wa”, “quanxi”, and “ inhwa”, which are essential management terms in Japan, China, and South Korea. In this paper I will be analyzing my findings on the words culture, management terms, business culture, “wa”, “quanxi”, “inhwa”, what would be similar terms to describe American management practices, and if these terms sufficiently capture American management practices. Culture is a very broad word with multiple definitions. It can be defined as the knowledge, experience, beliefs, attitude and values passed from one generation to another. Culture can also be interpreted as a certain way of thinking and behavior that prevail in a place or organization. On the other hand, management is the act of controlling and most important making business decisions. Whereas term, is an expression used to indicate a concept in a specific kind of language or branch of study. If we combine the two words, management and terms, from the definition provided, the term refers to certain terminology used in the administration process of an organization/ entity. According to the

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