Human Managment Management : An Organization Essay

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Human Recourses Management
Every organisation needs human to work for them. Without people in the organisation it cannot commence its business. Human resource is one the main factor due to which an organisation works. It is one of the important segments of management. It comprises of a process which includes planning, recruiting, developing and retaining the people who are working for the organisation. As already told human resource is important, all the work, all the planning is done by them. They have to be recruited and retained for a long period of time. An organisation wants right person at the right job and at the right time, for this an organisation has to do the staffing and the recruiting very efficiently and effectively. To run a business and to keep the company’s name high new and young blood needs to be recruited in the organisation as they will bring the new idea and options to grow the business. Retaining your old employees is also important one doesn’t want to lose the main and precious assets of the organisation. Nevertheless, it at times can be complicated and convoluted part in terms of the management of the organisation. We know humans are the ones who run the business so to keep them happy and satisfied at times can be a hectic and complex process. In simple terms human resource management is the management of the humans as the resource for the organisation, it involves observing the work that a person does and make the right person do the right job so
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