Human Manipulation Of Genetic Transfer And Its Biological Implications Essay

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AS 3.7 – Demonstrate understanding of human manipulations of genetic transfer and its biological implications. Daisy the Cow Daisy the cow is a genetically modified cow modified by scientists from Agresearch and the University of Waikato in New Zealand. This cows purpose was so that it could produce milk that did not contain a protein named beta-lacto globulin. This is because many infants are allergic to this protein; in fact two to three percent are allergic. So these scientists have used the scientific techniques of ribonucleic acid interference and somatic cell nuclear transfer cloning to produce this cow without the protein, however there are many implications. One of the techniques used to produce daisy the cow was ribonucleic acid interference causing gene knockdown. Ribonucleic acid interference is a biological process where certain ribonucleic acid molecules are interfered with causing inhabitation of certain gene expressions. Gene knockdown is a genetic technique where certain genes are made inoperative in an organism because they are “knocked out” of it. In daisy the cow this was used so that the instructions that have the protein beta-lacto globulin made could be “knocked out” so that it would no longer be present in daisy. The way they did this was by introducing a synthesized double stranded ribonucleic acid that has a sequence that is complimentary to the gene that is of interest into the cell. This is then recognized as exogenous gene material causing the
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