Human Memory Affected By Concussion

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Human Memory Affected by Concussion: A Review of the Literature In the recent years, many scientists have discovered more and more pro athletes in the NFL, NHL and some High School athletes all have links to some type of head injury. Doctors know more today then they did nearly 30 years ago. Most scientists agree that your memory can be affected by some type of head injury. But for some they still ask a few questions: What is a concussion? How long does it take recover? How does a concussion effect short term memory? How does a concussion effect long term memory? What are effects a concussion have on ones memory/intelligence? What are they doing about it? This review of does a concussion stay within someone for the rest of the their…show more content…
It goes on to say “Computerized and clinical test have detected postural stability deficits at least 3 days after the concussion, but the course of longer term recovery in balance functioning has not been extensively”(JAMA, 2003, p. 2557) It isn 't just the JAMA Network saying that it takes this long to recover from a concussion but it all depends on doctors and the one with the concussion to know when its time to comeback. But for some they suffer from Post-Concussion Syndrome and according to the Mayo Clinic “occurs within a couple days and usually goes aways within three months,though they can persit for a year or more.” But overall it just takes time for someone to recover from a concussion. In addition, to the both the Mayo Clinic and JAMA network saying that a concussion is a serious head injury that can sideline someone for extensive period of time. How does a concussion effect short term memory? When someone gets a concussion for some they usually get the typical side effect a headache, amnesia, fogginess and fatigue. But for most people they struggle with short term memory is a ongoing problem with people that get diagnosed with a concussion an according to Tramatic Brain Injury Survival Guide Dr. Glen Johnson (2010) a Clinical Neuropsychologist. “There’s some variation in how people define short-term memory. I define it as the ability to remember something after 30 minutes. In a head injury, someone 's
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