Human Nature And Awareness Toward Environmental Protection

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Many individuals are unaware of the harm that they cause to our planet. We live in a society where we eat and use electricity without knowing where it comes from or what damage it might cause to our planet. We have needs that do no make sense to the rest of the world. While some of us enjoy our luxurious meals, other individuals are given little choice. Richer countries have been accustomed to the point where many are unaware of the problems that they cause. The ecological footprint is a very good tool to show us how we use our nature and raise awareness toward environmental protection. After taking my ecological footprint quiz I was surprised that my results were so poor. I think of myself who is environmentally stable. I do not litter by throwing garbage on the streets, I even pick up any garbage that I see thrown in sanitary places. My ecological footprint said that we would need 4.6 planets earths to provide enough resources if everyone lived like me. This quiz educated me that I am not environmentally friendly as I think I am. Also, in order to support my lifestyle it takes about 22.6 tons of carbon dioxide. My main cause to this planet is my consumption of energy. Usually I drive about 70 miles everyday because I commute to school. I never realized how much energy that takes until now. Driving is one of the most polluting things that we do especially here in the United States. Consumption of gasoline can release toxic wastes that can cause air pollution, which
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