Human Nature And Evil Nature

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The guards, although placed in a simulated environment, allowed their evil nature to triumph and, as a result, abused the civil rights of others. Throughout history, literature has portrayed this transgression of human nature and revealed evil’s presence, goals, motives, and strategies. His cunning tactics cause Eve to disobey and betray God, resulting in both her and Adam’s banishment from Heaven. Satan’s transformation has not only elucidated the contrast between good and evil but also created an irreversible suffering for his victims. Humans are now vulnerable to the seven deadly sins, and will inevitably continue to suffer the consequences. His plan progresses through a variety of steps including repression, oppression, and destruction. Satan will take advantage of Man’s vulnerability and possess every aspect of his spirit and actions. Once Satan has seduced Man, so “that this God/May prove thir foe, and with repenting hand/Abolish his own works,” he will finally satisfy his thirst for revenge (Milton II. 270-273). Because Satan will seduce Man and corrupt him with sin and evil, God will become his own creation’s enemy and abolish them immediately. Satan’s sadistic strategy begins by corrupting Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Satan takes the form of a serpent and persuades Eve to eat the apple and give in to temptation, causing Adam and Eve’s expulsion from Eden. Both Adam and Eve have irreversibly released sin and evil into God’s worldly creation, which is only

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