Human Nature And How Social Surroundings Play A Large Role On Human Development Essay

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For over the past centuries Aboriginal people have endured a long history of suffering due too detrimental effects of Western society; in their attempt to culturally assimilate which has caused catastrophic consequences within aboriginal individuals and communities as a whole. The extent and persistence of settler’s society inflicted on indigenous people have severely disrupted the culture and have left traumatic scarring. The traumatic events that the indigenous people have experienced, have left them with little or no options, leaving them to turn to less favourable ways, of coping with their reality. To this day, it is still evident that Aboriginal people still face profound social issues caused by our dominant society, which have left them unable to adapt. In order to understand the brutality, it is necessary to investigate the importance of culture and history of how Aboriginals became who they are today, as well the different theoretical approaches in regards to human behaviours and learning theories associated with it. This is reflected on aspects of our human nature and how social surroundings play a large role in human development. To understand the traumatic experiences Aboriginals faced it is crucial to know the importance of culture and the nature of human relations and development, to precisely pin point what in their history has led them to their current standings today. This dates back to the late 15th century, pre-colonization of Canada. Aboriginal people
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