Human Nature And Nature

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NO!! I disagree with the statement that whatever human beings create or destroy is by default natural. Though they are part of the animal kingdom and therefore part of nature but they have no rights to harm nature. In many Religions such as Traditional, Judeo, Christian, and Islam in particular has shown that our relationship with nature is that nature was made for us. Plants, animals, even the planets, all were made for humans.
The British naturalist Charles Darwin made a theory of natural selection in about one hundred thirty nine years ago, his theory was that humans are not placed fully formed or evolved onto the earth. But instead, they were sent as an evolved species which was through apes and back to the ancient simians. Humans share a common heritage with all species. But humans have developed technology to dominate nature and in turn it has dominated us. Human beings are unique among animal species because they survive and reproduce in wide variety of environments through cultural adaptations. While other species primarily survive and reproduce due to biological adaptations. Cultural adaptations colonize every ecosystem on earth. Global human population are large enough which allow humans to manipulate the environment and are potent enough that human caused alterations to the biosphere are causing the extinction of innumerable wildlife species. Biodiversity loss by 2010 has instead become a full-on extinction crisis of species which are going extinct exponentially
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