Human Nature And The Human Beings

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As human beings, we have all experienced the notion of being plagued by a single, paralyzing, and perhaps irrational fear. Often seen as a point of weakness and fragility, fear is an integral part of human nature and for the most part, cannot be destroyed, but merely conquered. Touching Bottom follows the female protagonist in her endeavors through her life in relation to her fear. A major variable in her life is swimming and being around water, as the story kicks off with her struggles in learning to swim. She undergoes a traumatizing experience with a leech at summer camp, leaving her paralyzed with a fear of murky water, and leeches specifically, a fear she carries on with her throughout her life. Forward to the protagonist as a married woman, she finds herself in a situation where both she and her husband’s son, Ian, are caught in an ocean current and face an imminent danger of drowning. In this instance, she is able to conquer her source of despair and recognize the extent of her own strength. The literary element of theme is evidently portrayed in Kari Strutt’s short story Touching Bottom through fear of the unknown, realizations, and the protagonists’ overcoming of obstacles.

Within Touching Bottom, the theme of fear of the unknown is ever present. Murky water provides a sense of mystery and danger for the protagonist, as one cannot know what lies under the surface if they cannot see it. After discovering a leech on the back of one of the girls at summer camp, the…
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