Human Nature And Thomas Hobbes And William Golding And Plato

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Humans are some of the most diverse types of organisms. They have so many different characteristics and all humankind cannot be described with one adjective. Every human has their own personality. Taking all of these personalities into account brings to the foreground the idea of human nature. Human nature does not explicitly describe how every human being acts. Instead, human nature gives a general idea of how the majority of people will act. To sum it up, human nature is “the ways of thinking, feeling, and acting that are common to most people” (Merriam-Webster, n.d.). Human nature is a coined term to describe almost every action of humankind. Three people integral to the discussion of human nature are Thomas Hobbes, William Golding,…show more content…
Through Hobbes’ idea of the state of nature, people begin to understand that human nature is not as civil as most people are led to believe. This leads to there having to be another force acting on the people to create a state of peace. Human nature is not enough for there to exist peace within society. Hobbes hinted at this extra force. This force would be considered a form of government. Hobbes’ opinion on government is that “This agreement sets up both rules and a governing force: The rules create an atmosphere of peace, and the government ensures that we follow the rules out of fear of punishment” (Pojman & Fieser, 2015, 64). Hobbes explains that this overlying force of a government sets standards to limit how what acts can be precisely classified as peaceful acts of human nature. Hobbes believed in the idea that a government is needed to avoid there from being a state of nature. He philosophized the need for there to peace in the world rather than hostility because hostility leads there to be a society based off of wars between people. The theory of state of nature is a scary thought if this is to occur within society. There are already disputes through society and without governments, there would be many more disputes. Hobbes is trying to teach others that governments are needed to limit the type of human

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