Human Nature Depicted In Monkey

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There is set ways that humans are perceived to act and its broadened into many types of personalities and characteristics. Humans are expected to follow some sort of destiny pulled by an ultimate force and the will to live. Monkey is a story that follows four unlikely individuals on their episodic journey to the west to receive scriptures from the buddha. During the journey the reader can clearly pull out distinct aspects of human nature from three of the characters. The three characteristics that can easily be represented are wisdom, restlessness, and greed. In all, these can be used to help explain the characteristics of human nature represented in monkey. Firstly there is wisdom which can be explained as the quality of being knowledgeable,…show more content…
Pigsy is a prime example of a greedy character as someone who throughout the story is quite literally a gluttonous pig. He continuously puts some of his own needs before others though he may take some great care in protecting his master Tripataka. Monkey wakes Pigsy in the middle of the night to ask for his assistance to which he refuses. Monkey finally gets Pigsy to agree to the request by stating the result ends in treasure and Pigsy humbly agrees. Another is when Monkey gets Pigsy into the well where pigsy finds a dragon king kingdom, the king is kind to Pigsy for his status but the whole time pigsy requests the treasure Monkey has mentioned. The king is utterly confused because he has no treasure so he offers up the body of the dead emperor. This angers Pigsy and he refuses the gift. Pigsy is a reliable character and can be a good friend but has his bad habits. He was meant to fast and lessen his greed so that he may once again gain his status in the Jade palace, but instead he only cares about food. When people offer up rewards to the group for their good deeds Pigsy accepts without hesitation to which Tripitaka has to kindly refuse because monks cannot take, for they have to beg. As stated Pigsy is the complete definition of
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