Human Nature

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Human nature In order to accurately understand the concept of political power, and develop it from its source, we must first understand the nature of man. Naturally all men are in a state of perfect liberty. This signifies that they can dispose of their persons and possessions and can order their actions in the way they see as fit, within the limits of nature’s law, without depending on or asking permission from any other man. A state of equality should exist amongst all men. A state of equality in which all jurisdiction and power is equal and no individual has more than another of the same rank and species, born promiscuously to similar advantages of nature, and having identical facilities should have the same rights…show more content…
Other than crime which is the violation of the law, which occurs when man becomes degenerate, varies from the right rules of reasoning, quits from abiding to human nature’s principles, and becomes a noxious creature, there is the aspect of injury inflicted to an individual or some other person. That individual should receive compensation from this injury, in which case the receiver of such damages, has in addition the right of punishment which is common to him and mankind. He has the right to seek repatriation from the person who committed it and any other individual, who finds it to be just, can also join the injured and help him to recover from the actions of the offender to the extent that they feel is satisfactory in light of the harm suffered. Political power This refers to that power which each person in the state of nature has surrendered up into the society’s hands and the governors whom the community has set over itself. With this tacit or express belief, this power shall be administered for the good of the society, and the protection of its property. Political power is also used for punishing the breach of nature’s law so that the individual together with the rest of mankind are preserved. Political power when in the magistrate’s hand has no other measure or end but to the preservation of possessions, lives and liberties of the

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