Human Nature : Good Or Evil

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Human Nature: Good or Evil
All ideologies, including some economic ideologies, produce theories of human nature in order to establish fundamental human rights and to establish a more productive form of government. Human nature refers to the distinguishing characteristics of humans, including ways of thinking, feeling and acting; it is the moral principles that construct certain standards of behavior, which every person is entitled to simply because they are a human being. Many philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle, Rousseau, and Locke attempted to address the aspect of human nature directly; however each produced a slightly different definition. Inherently, human nature is neither good nor evil, but categorized into a neutral state until outside influences such as biological genetics, environmental influence, or culture persuades them to become evil or good.
One of the fullest and most influential accounts of human nature was provided by Plato. His theory assumes an ideal to which we can aspire to become greater and which allows us to track our progress as human beings. According to Plato, the human condition is one of ignorance, this idea is neatly described in the allegory of the cave. Humans are compared to the prisoners in the cave, witnessing only shadows, yet believing them to be reality. The only liberation from the cave is to advance towards the light, dismissing appearances as deception and searching for true knowledge; only when emerging from the cave in clear
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