Human Nature In Frankenstein

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“To hurt is as human as to breathe,” said J.K. Rowling, a famous author, in one of her novels. Everyone in the world experiences pain in some way; it is destined to happen. This has become especially relatable recently as more and more tragic events such as shootings have occurred around the world. These painful incidents cause people to question the humanity of others especially the ones behind these events. Similarly, in Frankenstein, the author, Mary Shelley, leads readers to question the humanity of the creature invented by Victor Frankenstein, a young scientist who tragically longs to discover the key to restoring life. The creature eventually destroys many things and kill any one in his path, influencing the other characters to view him as simply a monster. However, as seen in Frankenstein, the creature shares many traits with humans such as the ability to think and feel as well as the innocent goodness of newborns before being distorted by the outside world, making him more human than monster. Illustrated in the high level of intelligence and depth of emotions he possesses, the creature appears to be more human than monster. The creature reveals great capabilities of thinking, reasoning and feeling emotions throughout the novel that a true monster would fail to obtain. For instance, after wandering through the forest and discovering that a fire cannot be started with wet wood, the creature seeks new methods to acquire the warmth and comfort a fire provides: “By
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