Human Nature Is Essentially Good And Strives For Happiness And Acceptance

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Person I believe that a human nature is essentially good and strives for happiness and acceptance. Each individual in this world has a meaning for his or her life no matter of the background they came from. Every person is absolutely unique creations of this world that according to Thorne and et al. (1998), “composite of physical, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions” (p. 5). The person strives to grow, develop, move forward, gain and expand their knowledge and experiences throughout their lifetime; the person takes numerous roles during their lifetime and tends to associate themselves with their families, communities, cultures, experiences, work, and hobbies. Although each individual is in charge of their lives, bodies, feelings, thoughts, they depend on empathy, respect, support, acceptance, encouragement, and social interaction. Moreover, each individual is the primary creator of his or her lives and pathways they take. Therefore, a human being influences their future by making decisions from the existing opportunities and takes responsibility for those choices. For this reason I think a balance in physical, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects are crucial. Spirituality on its own is a very strong and important factor that can significantly help and guide the individual choices that will advantage them, society, and environment. In addition, harmony between these four facets adds to the person’s quality of life, satisfaction, and accomplishment and the
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