Human Nature Is Good Or Bad?

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Jesus Robledo
Prof. Hudley
English 121-001
April 17 2016 Human Nature Human Nature, human nature to me is how a person gives their life meaning by applying different believes to it, and then continue living their life based on them. No human is perfect nor good or bad. Throughout the history of humanity, our way of thinking, and believes have evolved in some way. Human nature took its turns when everyone started creating new beliefs back then. An example of different ideas being created or asked about was the way life was created. In order for humanity to maintain themselves motivated, and have a meaning to life they must have beliefs. This can all be done subconsciously. Humans show multiple ways of having believes. Some people believe in science and that’s how it reflects on their human nature. Others believe in Religion and that’s what is reflected on their side of human nature. Overall, human nature involves thinking, feeling, and committing actions. What kind of animal is the human? The undeniable answer is a savvy, garrulous, upright gorilla with a propensity for material belonging. Yet, shouldn 't something be said about the more inconspicuous idea of human instinct? That is more questionable. Some deny it exists, liking to trust that we can be anything we need to be. They can 't be correct. Despite the fact that we show loads of individual and social varieties, people are creatures, and like all creatures we have mannerisms,
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