Human Nature, Our Downfall

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In a metaphor, the evolution of civilization is in many ways similar to the evolution of flight. A long story made brief – both required multiple attempts, before they were able to function sustainably. Just as the engineers in the big firms which produce the machines – Airplanes and Helicopters – used for flight, are constantly attempting to improve upon their products, we as members of our respective societies are always looking for better, faster and cheaper ways to sustain ourselves. Civilization requires three main ‘materials’ if you will; Politics – the role of the state and political organization, the spokesperson promoting the idea that might is right, Economics – the production, exchange and economic organization of society. The…show more content…
P.2). This becomes more obvious with the rise of global issues such as, global warming. We demand so much out of this planet, take so much for granted, and care so much for our self interests, yet we fail to consider the health of our home - the earth, which is irreplaceable. The green house effect takes place when carbon dioxide is over present in the atmosphere (carbon dioxide traps solar energy heating the atmosphere). As Godrej points out, “a vital component of human advancement since industrialization began, aided by greed, is throwing the system off-balance. By burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) to supply our power and manufacturing needs and to drive our cars, were adding over six billion tons of carbon to the atmosphere each year”(Godrej p.18) adding “the chopping down of forests continues unabated, diminishing the earths ability to soak up carbon.” The effects of carbon build up or the greenhouse effect are not yet fully known, however, what we do know is that the longer this issue persists, the less likely it can be resolved, as is suggested in the Godrej reading – we are reaching a tipping point. The political realm of civilization is strongly influenced by capitalism. The political realm is an arena in which elected officials represent the interests of particular groups within societies. The political realm of society comes from “the necessary, though very slow and gradual, consequence of a
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