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The humans as a whole lead evidently different lives comparing to those of the other animals, considering the fact that a few rearrangements of human genome can result in a dolphin. Despite of this genetic resemblance, there are certain traits that clearly differentiate human from the rest, and this so-called human nature has been one of the favorite topics discussed among people, since ‘self’ has been one of the most interesting topics of all time for anyone. Of course, there is no one characteristic that single-handedly defines what it means to be a human, and there are many of them that constitute human nature, some of which everyone can agree and others not so much. Some of these characteristic could be observed in the documentary film…show more content…
However, not using the hands for moving around freed up the hands, and more delicate functions other than simply sustaining our own weight could be assigned to those hands. As human beings went through hundred thousand years of evolution, the functions of our hands became more delicate and complicated, from fashioning simple tools from stones and sticks to using chopsticks and solving Rubik’s Cubes. Following the development of our hands, our brains that control them also have developed, granting us the intelligence that is unmatched by any other species. Although there is no one theory that clearly defines what intelligence is or how it develops in one’s lifetime, it is obvious that the rapid development of technology enabled by our vastly superior intelligence gave birth to our lifestyle that clearly differentiates us from the rest. One of the other characteristics that define humanity is the usage of language. Although it is known that certain species, such as dolphins or some primates, can communicate vocally, but human beings are the only animals with sophisticated systems of communication, which can also be used in written forms, that are agreed among the constituents of the societies. With language, humans gained the ability to think, or reflect on what is not immediately available in our environment. We can think, or talk about anything in the universe as long as it is named in our languages, and we also gained a way

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