Human Nature

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As humans there are both similarities and differences among the different people and cultures in the world. Several aspects of human experience that are common to all people are kinship, security, and have their own highly regarded ideas and dreams. These are universal because common human nature is rooted in all humans that have been observed by anthropologists throughout the centuries. Several major kinds of differences between people are the argument between modernization and traditionalism; the division of power between classes, government, and the people; and bonds within the family unit; the perception of a woman’s role. I believe the differences to be more important than the similarities. People desire to have connections with…show more content…
In both examples individuals and businesses seek to provide security, in this case economically, in order to gain a sense of comfort. This sense of security is a idea that is universally sought after by all individuals. People universally retain ideas that they value as true—they will strive to defend these ideas, whatever they may be. Dr. Crandall summed the thought well when he said in his article Knowing Human Moral knowledge to be true, “individual human beings claim to know particular understandings of the world to be true...” (Crandall 308). This also aplicable to the documentary How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin concerning Russia in the 1960’s when the Beatles, and other western music was banned. Those who loved the prohibited music secretly produced records. They thought that the Beatles were intriguing and stove to endorse it, even if it was done illegally. A Russian Beatles fan solidified this idea by saying, “You have something in your heart; you don’t let people touch it.” As Dr. Crandall’s says “Human beings are deeply invested and deeply in love with their ideas, we will fight tooth and nail for them. Our ideas about the nature of the world are so deeply held and love that they seem absolutely, unquestionably true” (Crandall 39). Jared Diamond writes

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