Human Neutering And Its Effects On Humans

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Imagine losing the reproductive system at the age of twenty-five. All humans being unable to reproduce at a certain age could save the Earth. The Earth is in a very fragile state; Earth is losing its ability to be a habitat for the human race due to the volume of people living on its surface. There could be a way to slow down this process though, through human neutering. Human neutering would decrease overpopulation, allow the earth to reproduce its natural resources, and stop deforestation from rapidly occurring. A form of human neutering does exist, and it has for a long time. This process for males is called a vasectomy, this surgery should prevent sperm from entering the seminal track. For a female it is called a Tubal ligation, this is where the flappoion tubes are pinched shut to prevent fertilization. In todays world these two surgeries are by choice and not mandatory, if these two surgeries were strictly enforced upon the human race at the age of twenty-five it could save the Earth from dying early. A decreased population could result in many positive outcomes for the planet. No matter the location when a person looks straight ahead of themselves to their left, right, or behind them there is most likely another human being standing around them. The Earth is becoming overpopulated more quickly then it ever has before. “The current world population of about 7 billion is projected to top 8 billion by 2030, almost all of that growth is expected to come in the
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