Essay on Human Observation Project

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Human Observation Project
General Psychology
Psyc 2301
Jazmin Rolon
20 August 2012

I. Problem:
Prosocial behavior refers to "voluntary actions that are intended to help or benefit another individual or group of individuals" (Eisenberg and Mussen 1989). This definition refers to consequences of the people who do the actions rather than the motivations behind those actions. These behaviors include a broad range of activities: sharing, comforting, rescuing, and helping. Though prosocial behavior can be confused with altruism, they are, in fact, two distinct concepts. Prosocial behavior refers to a pattern of activity, whereas, altruism is the motivation to help others out of pure regard for their needs rather than
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Even little boys are more prone to help the subject mentioned above than little girls. With findings of 80% of the samples taken favor and supported this theory. VIII. Theory:
Soldiers are trained to be altruist even when they don’t agree with it they are taught a sense of self service and duty and no matter how they feel about someone or what the person looks like they are going to help. Males and females soldiers the same. IX. Hypothesis:
Between the hours of 1:00 and 3:00 on Monday and Tuesday afternoon adults and children walking from the Fort Hood Commissary’s parking lot to the store and back, tend to be more helpful of a woman that is dressed up and seems attractive with some items that she dropped than they do to a dirty not so attractive woman on the same situation on the following day. X. Procedure or Methodology:
The investigator dressed up and made herself look appealing and acted very friendly. She smiled at the subjects as they approached her, she purposely dropped some items to see who would help her. An assistant was trained to stand at corner to observe from a different point of view.
On the following day at the same days and times the investigator made herself look dirty and not as attractive as she looked the previous day. She still just as friendly and kept the same smile as she dropped some items in front of the same facility on the installation. This time she had a one year old child with her. The infant was friendly as
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