Human Origins And Methods Used For Biological Anthropology

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Recent findings of the human origins and methods used in Biological anthropology. Biological anthropology or also known as Bioanthropology, is a subfield of anthropology that uses the scientific method to study the biology and behavior of Homo sapiens, non-human primates, and the ancestors of Homo sapiens. Bioanthropology itself is further divided into several branches. All branches are united in their common application of evolutionary theory to understanding human origin, morphology and behavior. There are many types of methods used to understand the origins of human evolution; some common methods include the study of fossils, the study of genetics, or a combination of both methods. Using resent studies of fossil records from Dmanisi in the Republic of Georgia , Genetic and fossil studies of Denisovans from Siberia, and genetic studies of Neanderthals, the evolutionary history of these extinct hominids can be use to determine the environment into which modern humans evolved and its origins. In Bioanthropology, the dispersal of early hominins is a common and a significant study that can reveal missing puzzles from the events that lead to the evolution of humans and its dispersal. In recent years, researches have argued the idea that Homo erectus was not the first Homo species that invaded Europe and Asia, but rather it had evolved in Eurasia (Reid, et al. 2011). Since the discovery of the Dmanisi fossil beds, dating up to 1.85 Ma in the Republic of Georgia, the theory
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