Human Origins : The Cusp Of Evolution Essay

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Summer Musser
Human Origins F15
The Cusp of Evolution
The past works in mysterious way allowing small pieces to leak through to the surface that will one day reveal the answers to the most prominent questions. Ian Tattersall made the claim that in 2012 “…there is nothing in the fossil record that we can regard as a convincing intermediate between any australopith or “early Homo” and the Turkana Boy (Tattersall, 2012, p.94).” In his argument it was difficult to find the missing link that pulled the last species in the Australopith genus, A. Sediba, and the first Homo Species, H. Habilis. The gap was too much of a gray area to even make a definitive speculation according to the fossil records where there is nothing. When Homo Habilis was discover, there were very few specimens to analyze and produce a conclusion is this was the cusp of evolution that many scientists were pondering. They were still searching for more, and this search brought them to the Cradle of Humanity where many specimens have been found along with what is perceived as the last Australopithecus, A. Sediba. This species was found by Lee Burger in the eroded cave system known as Malapa. The features of Sediba were still pretty primitive with having a small brain, longer limbs, and a slightly protruding face. Once they started to die off or some scientist believe began to interbred, came the Early Homo. Homo Habilis and Homo Erectus (H. Ergaster) were the evolutionary species that graced the plains of Africa

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