Human Overpopulation : An Amazing And Sensational Place

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Zach Friesen
Ashley Scheil
April 23rd, 2015

Human Overpopulation

The world that we live in is an amazing and sensational place. You spend every day on earth with the opportunity to partake in something incredible. What if I told you that Earth was in jeopardy and humans were the core problem? Today there are approximately 7.2 billion people living on Earth. Just 15 years ago, in the year 2000, we had approximately 6.1 billion people. We experienced an increase of over one billion people in just 15 years. Human overpopulation is a problem in todays society and needs to be taken care before we face critical consequences. We as humans are simply not ready for this kind of population influx and neither is the Earth. You can not deny the fact that there are environmental issues along with poverty occurring across the globe. I am here to tell you that the amount of humans inhabiting this planet is a contributing factor to not only these issues, but several others. If we do not attempt to attain a solution, be prepared to face serious, if not fatal, repercussions.
Obviously the population of humans has been increasing ever since we began walking amongst this earth. Lets say you believe that population growth is inevitable. According to the Institute for Population Studies, the growth of our population is not inevitable, but an option. If we wanted, we can control the population. (York, 2015) The problem of overpopulation has arisen because we let the forces of…

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