Human Overpopulation

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The topic of overpopulation has different perspectives regarding whether or not it is happening as well as its apparent effects of both the environment and its inhabitants. The idea of human overpopulation being a problem most clearly begins around the time of Thomas Robert Malthus’ publishing of An Essay on the Principle of Population as It Affects the Future Improvement of Society, with Remarks on the Speculations of Mr. Godwin, M. Condorcet, and Other Writers. In his writing, Malthus describes how the growth of the human population will always outgrow the resources required to maintain it. “The increase of population will take place, if unchecked, in a geometric progression, while the means of subsistence will increase in only an…show more content…
For instance, Dr. Calhoun’s study on rat populations have given us an idea of the psychological effects of overpopulation. Regardless of the conclusion given after the “Horrific Experiment”, there would opposers of the beliefs that keep the debate well alive in the communities that involve themselves in it. As mentioned previously, the study done by Dr. Calhoun was described by Scotty Hendricks in the author’s Think Big article. The rats in the ‘Universe 25’ experiment could allow for another aspect of the effects of overpopulation to be considered. With the only limiting factor of the growing rat population being living space, there was a conclusion met as well as an interpretation of how this could connect to our society as human beings. He suggested that the constant interaction between the mice could have been a probable cause for the increase in violence in the society. With the regulation of social interaction being done to reduce the amount a rat makes contact with another, there was a decrease in the effects of the population boom. The author would then inquire: “ our own version of Universe 25 right around the corner? No, says Dr. Calhoun. Yes, says anybody who complains about people being on their phones too often, or that modern life is too narcissistic...will Dr. Calhoun be proven correct that mankind has enough creativity and ability to avoid the first death?
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