Human Papillomavirus ( Hpv ) Vaccine Essay

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Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine My niece is 11 years old and my sister-in-law is being pressured from doctors, friends, and even the news media to give her a certain type of vaccination called HPV, Gardasil being the most common. At the end of our conversation, she mentions that at least she has a choice and turned to me, saying you may not have a choice when your kids are that age. I was stunned and she goes on to tell me how the government is trying very hard to make this particular vaccination mandatory. Upon further research, I have discovered that this particular vaccine should not be amongst the mandatory vaccines, because unlike the others this particular disease is not transmitted through the air rather it is through sexual contact and is only effective against a small number of strains identified, in addition, the long-term effects are unknown and it is not cost effective. “Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a sexually transmitted infection (STI)…it is the most prevalent STI in the United States, with strains causally linked to oropharyngeal and other cancers”. (Osazuwa-Peters p.1) It is understandable why people want to prevent such a virus. Since the FDA approval of HPV vaccines, in 2006, there have been many positive unobtrusive ways that states have adopted to prevent or control HPV, such as public education about the disease, legislation on funding, HPVcervical cancer screening. However, some states have attempted to mandate children to take the vaccine

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