Human Papiloma Virus

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HPV or Human Papillomavirus is mostly known for being the most common sexually transmitted infection. This STI is very common within both sexually active males and females at some point their lives. There is several types of HPV that include having genital warts and cancers within the body. Unlike having HIV, HPV does have vaccines that will help stop any harmful health problems from occurring in the future. There is different methods to get infected with HPV such as having, vaginal sex, oral sex or anal sex, but the two most commonly are both vaginal and anal sex. In addition, HPV can also be transmitted from people who are not experiencing the symptoms that that moment, and making people who are not aware that they have the STI give…show more content…
HPV causes cancer in the cervix, vagina, vulva, anus, penis, and throat, but usually the most common type of cancer is cervical cancer. These cancers are caused by untreated abnormal cells that don’t leave the body. Cigarette smoking has been also one of the highest risk factors that correlates to having cancer while having HPV.
There has been several links to having the Human Papiloma Virus with people who are chronic smokers. Meaning that people who are known to be smokers have a higher chance of contracting this type of virus. In addition, smoking allows for the development of the cervical cancer in females. This cancer can develop many cells in the cervix of the female vagina that will not allow the female to be able to produce the sex hormones that allows for reproduction. Also, this causes the female eggs not to be able to be produced in the correct matter. In many cases due to this type of cancer, the extraction of the vaginal cervix or there is also treatment which can help with the disappearance of the cancer cells. This treatment is can be known to be very costly because cancer treatment is usually include hospitalization and radioactive treatment. It is estimated overall and specific costs during the first 5 years after diagnosis. Annual cost were estimated for patients who survived longer than 1 year and for patients who died in a given year from any cause, from cervical cancer-related cause, and from any another cancer cause of
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