Human Perception of Domestic Robots Essay

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Robots are now used in domestic environments to perform a range of useful tasks or functions. Thus, it is required that they must carry out these tasks or functions in a manner that is socially acceptable, comfortable and effective for people it shares the environment with and interacts with. In order to have an effective human-robot interaction, physical embodiment and behavior of domestic robots played a significant role.
Previous studies have proved that the physical appearance of domestic robots had an impact on the expectations of people from the domestic robots. In general, their expectations were greatly influenced from sci-fi movies and media that show destruction caused by robots. Thus, people wanted robots to be
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On the other hand, introverts prefer them as helping robots that looklike machines and perfect in performing their specific tasks. People having interest or experience with robots were more optimistic towards them. This might be the effect of their familiarity with robots as well as their knowledge regarding the capabilities of robots. People, who belong to countries which have wide exposure to robots like Japan and US, obviously have favorable response towards domestic robots in comparison to those people who have seen the robots only on television.
As per human behavior towards robots was concerned, people socially engaged with them and had positive attitude irrespective of the appearance and behavior of domestic robots. People used to help robots when they got stuck. For example, people used to pick Roomba and placed it open space if it got stuck in narrow spaces. Also, they helped AIBO in fetching ball if the ball was out of sight of AIBO.
On the other hand, physical appearance had influenced the human perception of domestic robots. People perceived Roomba as unintelligent machine whereas they considered AIBO more like a pet. They perceived AIBO as social entity by associating lifelike essences, mental states and social rapport to it. But they didn’t observed Roomba from the liveliness point of view.
Thus, we can conclude that appearance and behavior of
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