Human Perception of Other Species

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KEY QUESTION: HOW HAS HUMAN PERCEPTION OF OTHER SPECIES AND THEIR NEEDS LED TO CHANGES IN ECOSYSTEM IMBALANCE? INTRODUCTION: The ability to survive and reproduce by living organisms is constantly being tested by its external environment. Organisms those are unable to cope up with these changing external factors, face extinction. Over the years, species have evolved with the changing environmental conditions and have incurred adaptations to suit their existence in their environment. Hence, the process of evolution, adaptation and extinction of species has been natural over time. This does not affect the ecosystem much because nature on its own has an ability to compensate for its losses and changes that are natural. This is where we, Humans come in. Humans by instinct have a tendency to modify, to exploit their environment to suit their needs. That is, more than adapting to the environment, their rate of converting the environment to suit requirements is incomparably higher. This reverse phenomenon is what causes the depletion of other species which are unable to adapt to the unnatural, fast changes. Nature is ineffectual in recompensing for these artificial changes which further increases the rate of extinction of species resulting in ecosystem imbalance. The scientists have predicted that we are presently undergoing the sixth mass extinction on the history of earth, mainly due to human activities and their effects. Human perception of their
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