Human Perspectives

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The fact that human perspectives are as different as the people who think them, is an inevitability that adds dimension to relationships, but also means that not all social interactions run smoothly. An example from my own personal experience occurred during the summer break of my second year in high school. I was privileged enough to enjoy a one month vacation in Europe on which I traveled to fifteen different countries. Being the first trip away from home, my scope was fixed on the amazing places and history to be uncovered. I gave little thought to the people on the tour with whom I would spend these thirty days. As it turns out, these people would be much more impactful than I originally thought. My tour group of 36 people was almost entirely Australian. I found that this group of Australians I traveled with were a fun loving, easy going group of tourists, but they definitely took their ideas about gun control seriously. Because I was American, they placed me on the opposite side of the spectrum and saw me as a gun lover. We had deep conversations about Australian and American perspectives. I began to think more deeply about how the Australians had identified me, and how I might see people in ways that are not true to the…show more content…
My uncle Jimmy taught me to enjoy nature as often as we could. Whenever possible we would take the weekend to go fishing, camping or hunting. It was with him that I founded my opinions on firearms. I learned that guns are a privilege and that if they are not abused they can help strengthen bonds between family members. The point of view given by Michael, Stephanie and Leanne was different. They had grown up with another way of looking at guns and their experiences formed their opinions. Though our views on this subject were different, it did not diminish our mutual respect and developing
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