Human Pollution And Hunting

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Dr. Alan Grant said, “T-Rex doesn 't want to be fed. He wants to hunt. Can 't just suppress 65 million years of gut instinct.” Bringing any species back from the dead, especially carnivores, that nature already gave a shot isn 't ethical. The Jurassic Park scientists thought they knew more than they did about the animals and were unable to contain them, which cost most of the scientists their lives.
Cloning for the purpose of helping species who are endangered because of human pollution and hunting is somewhat ethical. Being able to clone an endangered species does not give humans the right to keep destroying the environment and should be used to help reverse the damage already caused by lack of human knowledge and care.
Hammond re-creates dinosaurs and other prehistoric organisms like plants. He has covered his island inside caged enclosures in the hopes that he can open the park as a dinosaur zoo. Hammond funds many cold-weather dinosaur digs in order to find a prehistoric mosquito preserved in ember which contains the blood of dinosaurs. Using the DNA retrieved from the mosquito and fusing it with the DNA of a frog, Hammond successfully recreated dinosaurs. Hammond genetically modifies his creations’ genetic material. He changes certain genes in the dinosaur DNA to create certain traits for the organism. By doing this he can control the sex of the dinosaurs. Hammond creates all his dinosaurs as female. He also modifies all the dinosaurs so that they are dependent on an…
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