Human Population And Its Effects On The World's Population

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Over the past 50 years the human population has grown exponentially, and as the world’s population continues to increase. A Lot of research has been done by climatologists around the world directly linking the effects of population growth to increased CO2 emissions. I will provide data behind the negative externalities linked with these increased CO2 emissions and how they are linked to overpopulation. Even though it’s a well known fact that the U.S is one of the largest contributors of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere its population is still relatively small compared to the rest of the world. Many developing countries population’s such as China and India for example, are growing extremely rapidly, and though this may not have been a problem in the past. Because these developing countries and their population didn’t produce very many emissions or contribute to the CO2 emissions in a significant way. However, in the modern day this massive new influx of people all want to live the American lifestyle which involves excessive consumption of luxury goods. This never ending consumption is a huge cause of why we push so many CO2 emissions into the air. Americans drive their cars everywhere, they power their air conditioning in the summer and their heat in the winter. All of these needs of the average American are often very unnecessary but extremely convenient, not to mention aside from the convenience. Our massive production and booming oil industries got us rich so we could
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