Human Population And Population Growth

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The population continues to grow throughout the years. Currently with seven billion people in the world, has shown how much the population has grown from the 1960’s. Humans live trying to be comfortable and free, in a sense humans want to live a good, perfect life that will benefit them. As doing so, humans do not see the danger the ecosystem, animals, and especially ocean life goes through. The environment is being effected by humans, why are we humans not doing enough to balance out the human and environmental needs? Human population is the root of most pressing environmental problems including wildlife, extinction crisis, habitat loss, and climate change. Human population continues to grow constantly, strong effects on population size and other factors in ecosystem or community can change in response to changing environmental conditions. When the population grows and it becomes overpopulated we have to move into a new geographic area, stabilize the population, and switch to new resources. In doing so, there are different things build such as shopping malls, freeways, and turning farming land into parking lots. All of this contributes to environmental problems, degradation, and it limits resources and disturbs the wildlife. Wildlife then have to figure out where else to migrate to because their land has been taken over by humans. The pollution could be bad because of the gas from cars and different machines. Also factories contribute into the pollution being mad and it
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