Essay on Human Population Destroys the Environment: Any Questions?

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Joel E. Cohen once stated in his How Many People Can the Earth Support?, “A little boy wanted to know the sum of one plus one. First he asked a physicist, who said, “If one is matter, and the other is antimatter, then the answer is zero. But if one is a critical mass of uranium and the other is a critical mass of uranium, then that's an explosive question.” Unenlightened, the little boy asked a biologist. She said, “Are we talking bacteria, mice or whales? And for how long?” In desperation, the boy hired an accountant. The accountant peered closely at the little boy and said, “Hmmm. One plus one? Tell me, little boy, how much do you want one plus one to be?” (Cohen 261) Every living thing on planet Earth requires a certain amount of …show more content…
Humans, along with any other living life form, need water and air to survive. “Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans,” said Jacques Cousteau. ("Effects of Overpopulation: Water and Air Pollution") Fresh water and air supplies have recently become “garbage cans” as Cousteau explained in that people throw waste into rivers and lakes which are fresh water and carbon dioxide along with other pollutants that are harming our air supply. ("Effects of Overpopulation: Water and Air Pollution") For example, people in China throw their garbage in nearby rivers because the rivers are not used for anything. In these rivers one could find anything from rotten food to dirt to chemicals. Approximately 39% of our rivers, 46% of our lakes, and 51% of our estuaries are still too polluted for safe fishing or swimming. (America’s Troubled Waters) Another example would be the use of cars. When a car is on the road it releases toxic fumes such as carbon dioxide that are harmful to the Earth’s ozone and some would even say to the green house. As these fumes increase, the thicker the layer in the ozone becomes which pollutes the air quality on this planet. World Watch Institute has pointed out that water will once again be at the center of new conflicts because of the increasing demand and the depleting supply. (Negative Population Growth)
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