Human Population Growing Every Day Essay

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With the human population growing every day, can Earth support all of the additional population? If the answer is no, is it as simple as just changing or life or are there simply to many people on the planet? This question is brought up a lot when talking about human population and other questions are usually brought up like: is there enough space, is there enough food, is there enough water, what are we going to do if we run out of natural resources, and what are we supposed to do with all of the waste we are producing? All of these are good questions to ask, because without these items the human population would not be able to survive. Some of these questions are less mentioned than others, which is why they are going to be brought to attention; these questions include: space, food/water, and e-waste. If people do not start using our recourses wisely or come up with some solutions to the existing problems, the Earth will not be able to support the future generations. The first question is, is there enough space for everyone to live the lifestyle they want to live? This is a hard question to answer with a direct answer because there is a lack of studies from the past. According to McFarlane (2016), “density needs to be understood.” We need to understand it so that we can take the data from the understanding of density and apply it to over human population growth. This way, we might have an understanding of if we would have enough space to support the population. There are
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