Human Population Growth

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Once, when the world was changing and new lands were being explored and conquered, the opinion of the masses was “Growth is good.” There was no worry about the lives being harmed or how large our impact was, or even of the future repercussions our actions might have. However, this once-carefree opinion has twisted and mutated and created a monster: human population growth. It’s big. It’s fast. And there’s almost no way to stop it, with our current rate of increase. The consequences of our forefather’s actions, carried out so long ago and not given so much as a backwards glance, are now coming back to haunt us, and they fight dirty. This growing beast is pressing an ever-increasing strain upon our Earth’s resources, and it seems like there is nothing we can do to prevent present and future degradation. Luckily, the solution to this expanding issue is sustainability. Scientists and researchers across the globe are working to design effective new ways to keep our way of life without fanning the flames of global change. The bottom line is, the quicker we get started on reducing and reversing global climate alteration, the better off everyone will be. Human population growth has and is drastically affecting the cycles through which our environment works. Ever since the Industrial Revolution in the 1750s, the growth has skyrocketed. With the additional help of the Medical Revolution in the 1950s, our population has increased exponentially, causing detrimental
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