Human Process Interventions

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Organizational change Human process interventions The human process intervention is one of the interpersonal and group process approaches. It involves changing how groups and individuals relate in the organization. This human process intervention focusses on assisting the members of the organization to better themselves and each other. It also helps them to work together efficiently and effectively as a team to improve the organization's achievement of the objectives and goals and help them gain more as employees of the organization. There are several types of human process interventions that can be chosen based on the company's (or organization) current situation and what the change is meant to achieve. The type of intervention applied depends on a wide range of considerations for the company. However, though the intervention measures themselves may be highly integrated between themselves, there exist some common human process interventions that may work for many companies or organizations. A combination of several human process interventions always works best ADDIN EN.CITE Marcoulides1993466(Marcoulides & Heck, 1993)46646617Marcoulides, George A.Heck, Ronald H.Organizational Culture and Performance: Proposing and Testing a ModelOrganization ScienceOrganization Science209-225421993INFORMS10477039 HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_9" o "Marcoulides, 1993 #466" Marcoulides & Heck, 1993). One of the human process interventions is increasing

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