Human Race : The Myth And The Truth

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Lilian Ogbuefi
Clancy Smith
24 April 2015
Human races; the myth and the truth
The human race as a result of its dynamism, roots, ability to adapt, acute intelligence, amongst other characteristics possessed, is undoubtedly the most unique of all earthly existence. One of it’s amazing characteristics is the peculiarities common to a group of people occupying a particular territorial area; races as they are popularly referred to as. Individuals belonging to each of these races are known to possess similar physical features such as skin color, body proportions, hair structure amongst others. Members of the Caucasian ethnicity are known to possess light skin, straight or wavy light or dark brown hair, gray, gray-green, hazel and wide open blue eyes, moderately developed chin, a narrow protruding nose, thin lips and facial hair for men; Mongoloids possess a yellow or yellow-brown skin, dark straight hair, broad faces, narrow and slightly slanted brown eyes with a fold of the upper eyelid in the inner corner of the eye (epicanthus), flat and rather broad nose, and sparse vegetation on the face and body while Negroids on the other hand are usually dark-skinned possessing curly dark hair, broad noses, brown or black eyes with sparse vegetation on the face and body. Popular explanation by some scientists claim that racial features peculiar to a particular race are as a result of our independent origin from different ancestors in different places. Others…

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