Human Relations And Police Public Relations

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Human relations deals with everything that is being accomplished with other human beings with all kinds of relationships involved. But according to, the definition is a study of group behavior for the purpose of improving interpersonal relationships, as among employees. An example of human relations is something all people have been taught when they were younger and that is to treat people exactly how you want to be treated. Which basically means to build a strong relationship whether it is good or if it is bad. So if police officers want respect from everyday society they have to try and respect society as well. Public relations is defined as activities performed by police agencies designed to create a favorable image of themselves. An example of police public relations is where a police department will have an even where the community can get involved and experience the police life. Police community relations is the interaction or tension between the public and the department. An example of community relations could be when police officers show up to high school basketball game and give support to the community that they are familiar with showing that they are community oriented and care about what they do for their community.
2. Discuss the rapid increase in the minority population and the challenges it presents for law enforcement in communities that have not previously faced this issue. In you answer, explain why multicultural understanding is critical.
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