Human Relations Movement

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The main concern of this assignment is the human relations movement and how it eradicated the influence of the classical and scientific management in the industry today. This approach raises some important questions about what are the keys function of the classical-scientific management theory, and the contrast of the worker in the classical-scientific and behavioral management. Some additional points need to be considered such as the Hawthorne studies and also the most important aspect covered is the Industrial Revolution that had the biggest influence on management. The Industrial Revolution in the eighteenth century led to a widespread growth of machinery and mass production throughout England and later in Europe and the United…show more content…
Cohesive workplace teams emphasize the importance of working together in a cooperative and coordinated fashion. Concepts of group dynamics promote cooperation and improve employee moral. Better decisions and more innovative ideas can result from team work. Team work can increase performance by workers combining ideas to create synergy. The human relations movement was spearheaded by Elton Mayo and his associates in the 1920 and 1930s.It clashed directly with Taylor’s theories. Managers, found Mayo, should not only look at finding the best techniques and methods to improve output, but should also look at human affairs. While Scientific Management looked at technology and processes, Mayo found that the real key to high productivity lies within the people and groups in the organization. Effective organizations, the Human Relations Movement found, develop around the employees, looking primarily at human feelings and attitudes. Cooperative goal setting and personal growth and development are the key to effective businesses, determined Mayo. The struggle between Scientific Management and the Human Relations Movement are very much about management, leadership and what is more important between production and people. The most important contribution to the human resources approach to management are the Hawthorne studies which are a series of studies during the 1920’s and 1930’s as an attempt to determine the effects of lighting on worker productivity,
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