Human Relations and Influences on Administrative Theory

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Human Relations and Influences on Administrative Theory Human Relations Human relations is defined as the socio-economical, political and interpersonal relationship amongst human beings, which may influences their administrative traits. It has been with a great concern that many companies and/or organizations strive to improve on the interpersonal skills of the job-oriented employees. These skills, commonly referred to as "soft skills", enlighten the employees and enhances their ability to communicate and convey information successfully to their superiors and their colleagues. They also enable workers to interpret other people's emotions, be open to other personality feelings and be capable of solving conflicts and arriving at the final solutions, which aid at administrative success. Through the acquisition of these skills, the employees in management positions and customer service departments are able to maintain extra compatible relationships. Administrative Theory Administrative theory on the other hand, defines the amalgamation of organizational theory, social and political theories, and the related studies which focus on the structures, meanings and functions of administrative responsibilities. Supervisory relationships, interpersonal relationships and informal group relationships all influence the administrative or organizational productivity. In order to explain the theory of administration, different socio-economical ideologists expressed their
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