Human Relations in Camus' Novel, The Outsider, from an Existentialist View

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Human relations are very important for any human, and differ from one age to another because of the emerging of different movements across time. The human relations with God, love, society, death etc… are relations that human make to live his life. I study in this paper the human relations in The Outsider novel by Albert Camus from an existentialist view. I want to study Meursault relations who is the main character in Albert Camus’s novel The Outsider , Meursault is being executed because he kills an arab person, but the main reason is that he does not cry at his mother’ funeral and lives his life as there is nothing happened, he goes in the next day to swim and he makes love with his friend Marie and also watch a film. The…show more content…
Unauthentic existence is an uncritical participation in the world as it is; authentic existence consists in an analysis of self. Although distinct, the unauthentic and the authentic life have some common characteristics: -- Actual participation in the world: this means that the existent being has a relationship to surrounding objects which he uses as instruments of his existence; -- Existence in a determined situation: this means that every situation is essentially individuated, limited and presents only one of the infinite number of possible ways of realizing existence. And the existentialist philosophers consider Meursault as an authentic to himself. We know that the existentialism focuses on the human being how he can makes his being by his decisions, and human must interact with beings around him by many relations and so we find the first relation between human being and other beings is the relation between Meursault and death, and we can see this in the first paper of the novel when he talks about her mother’s death “Mother died today. Or maybe yesterday, I don’t know” (Camus, The Outsider 1) he deals with her mother’s death as an ordinary incident and also he does not appear any feelings or emotions about death, after he arrives to the home he does not want to see his mother and also he does not know anything about her wish to have a religious funeral and she does not know that she had a

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