Human Relationship With Waterfowl

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Humans have a very influential relation ship with waterfowl, theres two sides to it. On one side humans have completely changed waterfowls natural migrating path. With the modern expansion of cities, certain species have adapted and now use them as refuges, such as the Canada goose. Through climate change humans have disrupted waterfowls natural patterns of migration, and most species are un-able to adapt quickly enough to the rapidly changing temperatures. The other side of humans relationship with waterfowl is that through our modern agriculture practices waterfowl don’t necessarily need to migrate to get food, only to leave the cold. Most waterfowl species take advantage of the surplus grain left in agriculture fields, some of which have became overpopulated and harm other species of waterfowl. With the increase of agriculture fields, wetlands have been destroyed and in tern waterfowl have lost a significant number of areas to breed and reproduce in. There is a overpopulation of certain species and a decrease in wetlands, it is important to stop both of these issues otherwise certain species will be taken over by. Hunters and bird watchers are those who are primarily concerned with these issues, but other out doors mans such as fisherman should be concerned. As shown in “The Role of Waterfowl in Lower Great Lakes Aquatic Food Webs” by M. L. Schummer and S. A. Petrie, waterfowl play a important role in maintaining the food webs for fish. It is crucial that action is
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