Human Relationships And The Social Psychological Theories That Have Been Linked With This Conflicting Topic

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Human relationships are the foundation of human life, they strongly influence other individual’s behaviour (Bercheid et al., 2000). There are different types of relationships such as co workers, friendship, marriage which all involve a connection and therefore is an important characteristic of the formation of human relationships (Salisch 1996). The purpose of this essay is to explore research within human relationships and the relevant social psychological theories that have been linked with this conflicting topic. The theories that will be discussed throughout this essay will be the attribution theory, social learning theory, social exchange, attachment theory, evolutionary theory and the breakdown of relationships. This would initially…show more content…
To explain human relationships further, the social exchange theory can be another definite explanation to help distinguish how we feel to be with other people and how one perceives to be with them, either to rekindle their relationship or to question the decisions that make to be in a relationship (Kelley 1959). The social exchange theory can be defined as a term that allows behaviour to be exchanged to allow a relationship between two people to happen (Huston et al., 2013). An individual social life involves interactions between two people which can be viewed as social exchanges in terms of costs and benefits (Nakagawa et al., 2013). By taking the view of human relationships the social exchange theory argues that individuals engage in a cost benefit analysis which forms their relationship with others (Milkie et al., 2004). When the costs and benefits are equal in a relationship, it is defined as equitable (Siddiqui 2008). Moreover, romantic relationships may be difficult for some people as it involves interpersonal skills in order to make them mutually satisfying therefore requires constant maintenance. Recently, Psychologists have begun to look at the breakdown of relationships and the characteristics which requires them to fail. The breakdown of relationship is a theory which explains the failure of certain human relationships and the factors that may be involved such as lack
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